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Are you a startup/founder that is looking to acquire your (.com) domain name?

Do You Need a Domain Name Broker?

Are you considering acquiring a domain name that is already owned by another company or person?

I can help.

In the last four years in the domain industry as a domain name broker I have completed over $10M in domain name transactions.

At Media Options we are approaching $150M in domain name transactions.

Around 40% of this is in helping brands aquire their (.com) domain name.  We specialize in helping founders acquire their brand’s domain name in the (.com) for the lowest cost today.

Here are some of the companies I have helped to acquire and sell domains: Amazon, Tribune Media, Plume, Twist, Cortland, etc…

From massive fortune 500 companies to new startups. 


Our Domain Broker Process:


If you are looking to acquire a domain name you only have one opportunity to make a first impression in the negotiation process.

I have seen many busniness try to acquire their domain name the wrong way and end up paying two, three and even four times more than what we would onsider market value. The worse thing that can happen is they are told no it will never be for sale.

There is a way to go about acquiring a domain name.

We have developed a five step approach for our domain name acquisions.


  • Domain Strategy: We help you to identify and determine your domain strategy and give you options in the branding process
  • Domain Valuation: We establish the value for the domain name using our propietary domain valuation formula.
  • Domain Name Research: We determine the type of owner and any relevant history to the domain name.
  • Domain Name Negotiation: We negotiate and get the domain name under contract to lock it in for you.
  • Domain Transfer: Finaly we ensure the domain name is transfered to your account and funds are not released using an escrow agent.

If you are looking for a domain name broker we are the best in the industry.

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