Domain Name Broker

Acquire your perfect domain name in 2-8 weeks with ZERO risk while remaining anonymous, which means fair market pricing.

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Domain Name Broker

Acquire your perfect domain name in 2-8 weeks with ZERO risk while remaining anonymous, which means fair market pricing.

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Secure your PERFECT domain name in 2-8 weeks

We are an award winning domain name broker with proven results.  You only have one opportunity to make a first impression in the negotiation process when trying to acquire a domain name

Since 2007 Media Options has hundreds of companies acquire their perfect domain name.  We have completed over $600 million dollars in domain name transactions for the world’s top brands.


Get quick feedback from owners

What sets us apart as expert brokers is that we have contacted over fifteen thousand companies/owners in buying and selling domains. This allows you to leverage our insights and expertise from domain deals to set the right strategy and budget. We have contacted the hardest to find domain owners at the ends of the world (literally) to get a deal across the finish line.

The reason we get results this quick is because we know how to direct contact decision makers that have the authority to say yes. Contacting the wrong person can easily be the most significant risk to getting a deal done.

We have perfected the domain name acquisitions process over years of negotiating.

Most importantly, we will get deals done.

Need help buying a domain?

Set up a free consultation with a premium domain brokerage to discuss how we can help domain acquisition.   

Zero risk, no upfront costs, and only pay for success!

We are so confident in our process that you only pay for a successful acquisition.

100% transparency at every step of the domain name broker process

You will have transparency to the entire process and get in the loop with as much detail as you want.  We use the top escrow service in the world, which means total transparency and security.


Leverage our domain broker sales contracts for free

As your domain name broker you are able to leverage the same contracts that we use in our own sales.  Our contracts alone will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and avoid costly mistakes that could happen with inferior contracts.  We have been used the same contracts in hundreds of domain sales ranging from thousands to millions of dollar transactions.


Avoid these costly mistakes

Make sure you don’t tell multiple domain brokers the domain name you are looking to acquire.  This will create noise and false demand with the owner, increasing price expectations.

Avoid reaching out directly to the domain owner.  The biggest concern for the seller is leaving money on the table.  If they can research your company, they will assume what you should pay for the domain name.  This will jeopardize a deal getting done.

It is easy to find someone at a company that owns your domain name.  It is hard to find the right person.  Avoid getting a no from someone who has no authority to say yes.

Need help buying a domain?

Leverage our market insight to discuss pricing and ability to acquire your perfect domain name. 

Our five-step domain broker process.

I have seen many businesses try to acquire their domain name the wrong way and end up paying two, three and even four times more than what we would consider market value.

The worse thing that can happen is you are told the domain will never be for sale.

There is a way to go about acquiring a domain name that increases your chances for success.

We have a proven five-step domain broker acquisition process built on over 400,000 contact points negotiating domain names.

Identify your domain name.

This is the first step and typically the easiest step in the acquisition process. Most of our clients are upgrading from a different extension like (.co) or (.io).  We can also go after several domains at the same time to give our clients options and capture other extensions.  Here is a quick guide for more info.


What is it going to cost to acquire the domain name? We establish a price range for the domain name using our proprietary domain valuation formula.  This ensures your team does not have any surprises and to budget correctly.  This guide will explain more about valuing a domain name.


The more you know about the owner, the more leverage you have in a negotiation. We determine the type of owner and any relevant history to the domain name. Our domain broker process goes into deep research to give you the upper hand.


We negotiate and get the domain name under contract to lock it in for you. This is where the magic happens and we provide our value.  Negotiating is a perishable skill and that is all we do every day, all day.

Flawless transfer

Finally, we ensure the domain name is transferred to your account and funds are only released when you have complete control.

Need help buying or selling a domain?

The TOP Reasons to work with a domain broker

Domain names are a lot like real estate but also worlds apart.  There is no appraisal, set pricing or comparison sales that sets the price for a domain name.  You are trying to buy a domain from someone that many times does not want to sell.  The domain owner can literally set any price he wants.  A domain broker is a valuable asset on your team to educate and provide trust to the seller and should always be used.  Here are the top top 10 reasons to use a domain broker.  

We allow you to stay anonymous and stealth

A domain broker allows you to stay anonymous.  This is crucial and ensures the owner does not have valuable information on how much you raised or your revenue.  Owners can also use IP tracking to guess your company. We have seen prices 10x because the owner thought the buyer would pay more.

Leverage our success negotiating and acquiring domain names

We have extensive experience purchasing domain names from individuals as well as large organizations and corporations.

We know how to turn domain owners into domain sellers.  Domain name negotiations, and ultimately the transaction and transfer process, can be a highly complicated and delicate process.

Many transactions fall apart at the finish line due to slow transaction processing or negligence in the due diligence process. Our experience and tried-and-true contracts ensure that your transaction closes successfully, with all parties walking away with a positive experience.

Take the emotions out of the negotiations.

Using a domain broker keeps you one step removed from the owner.  This is important to keep the emotions out of the negotiations while leveraging our deep experience in getting deals done.  Many domain owners are emotionally invested in their domain and allow more flexibility in conversations from a domain broker.  This allows us to educate them on valuations and why your offer is in their best interest to accept.

We provide trust that gets responses from decision makers with authority

While every domain sale is unique, every sale is built on the same foundation of trust.  A seller must trust that your offer is legitimate and not a scam.  A domain broker gives that extra layer of trust to get engagement and offers across the finish line.  Domain owners can easily find and see that we are an award winning domain brokerage firm.

Leverage our contacts with over 15,000 companies

We maintain the most comprehensive domain ownership and domain information database in the world, continuously tracking down and eliciting responses from domain name owners whom others cannot find or contact.  

There is no MLS for domains, but we know how to find impossible owners.

Transfer and transparency

An acquisition is never done until money and the domain has changed hands.  Once we have reached an agreement for the purchase of your domain name we will quickly begin the transfer transaction process. In most cases we will use our standard domain name purchase and sales contract to ensure that you acquire all rights, title & interest in the domain name, and any other associated intellectual property.  A domain broker will be there every step of the way for both the buyer and seller.

Need help buying a domain?

Recieve a free valuation on the domain you want to acquire.

What does a domain broker do?

The domain name broker helps you buy a premium domain at an affordable price. They look out for the best interests of their clients and will help find domains that are available to purchase, sales contracts and negotiations.  A domain broker will handle all aspects during the transfer process, so nothing gets in the way of a deal.


How to buy a domain name that is taken?

The first step in acquiring your domain name is to see if it is in use or available.  Signs that a domain could be available are copyrights not updated to the current year or outdated websites.  Then determine who owns the domain name.  You can use a  whois search to see the current registrant.  The price will fluctuate wildly based on the quality of the domain name and the owner.  Many domains are locked away in corporate vaults or behind employees with zero interest in selling.  Hire a domain broker to walk you through research, pricing, negotiation, and transferring.


What is the price of my domain?

There is no automated way to determine the price of a domain name.  If the domain name is for sale there may be a listed price, but the owner solely determines this.   The price can be based on other market comparisons similar to real estate.  There are ranges that domains sell based on quality, but this takes the expertise of a seasoned domain broker with a pulse on the market and insight into the owner.  Here is a guide to buying a domain on a lease option.

Do you need a domain name broker or domain name services?  Let's get rolling...

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