Are you a founder/startup that does not own your (.com) domain name? 
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Are you a startup/founder that does not own the (.com) for your brand?

Well, Guess what?

You are substantially losing out on sales right now in your business.

When you don’t own your (.com) domain, it creates confusion in the marketplace because customers can’t find you. You are sending traffic to another business or domain.

This is going to hurt your ability to grow your sales and base because the customer doesn’t trust you.

In their mind, you look like a startup even if you have been in business for 2, 3 or over 5 years.

When customer line up your brand among your competition you don’t look like the leader.

Your investors are going to be ticked off, they're going to be breathing down your neck wanting to know why your customer base isn't growing.

And all this effort that you're doing every single day is getting impacted because you don't have your (.com) domain.

Here is a question I want you to consider?

What would happen if another startup acquired your branded (.com) to launch their business?

🔑 What would your investors say if another stronger startup launched on your (.com) domain? 

🔑 What would your employees say and feel about the future of your business knowing another startup controls the messaging and positioning that you once enjoyed.

🔑 What would you customers say when they go to find you only to be directed to another company?

How would this impact your ability to grow, expand and own your messaging?

When I speak to the pioneers and creators of the world’s top brands I discovered that they view branding differently. 

They almost never settle for anything but their exact match domain name in the (.com) extension.

Now here's the problem.

A lot of founders don't even know how to get in touch with the domain owner. They don't have the time to go out and try to find this, track down owners of these domains, negotiate the deal, get it under contract and then transfer the domain.

Most domains are under privacy today and finding the right stakeholder at a Fortune 500 company can be almost impossible.

They are not familiar with the negotiations and contracts that lead to the smooth transfer of the domain name.

If you get this wrong, you will be told "no" or end up paying double or triple the value of the domain name.

So, it's really difficult to find these people, and when you're running a startup company, you don't have time for that.

You may only have one opportunity to acquire your (.com) domain.

But the fact of the matter is, this is one of the biggest missing pieces that could be hurting your business and getting you to that sweet, sweet payout you're looking for.

If you don't get it now before your company really expands then the current owner is going to have even more leverage to suck more out of you for buying that domain.

If you don't do it now, it's going to cost you an arm and a leg in the future.
So here is the deal...

Hi, my name is Chris Zuiker at Media Options. 

I specialize in helping founders acquire their brand's domain name in the (.com) for the lowest cost today.

Here are some of the companies we have helped: Amazon, Tribune Media, Plume, Twist, Cortland, etc...

From massive fortune 500 to new startups.

Now if you want to make sure that you can get the most customers now, you can make your investors happy and you can set yourself up to cash out the biggest payday possible when you sell your company, then I can probably help you.

The only way for me to know though is for us to get on a quick phone call and discuss your business. To see if we are a good fit.

What I would like to offer you today is free 15-minute brand (.com) acquisition strategy session where we'll talk about your business, what you're trying to accomplish, what (.com) you're looking for and the price expectations.

Click on the link below to access my personal calendar and set up a meeting.
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