Learn how ELITE brands view domain names.
Three Market Forces
changing the domain name market.
Social: How we do business has drastically changed. Fifteen years ago you did not need to own your branded domain name. Today most new businesses are strictly online. This shift is causing a global demand for brandable domain names.

Economic: Investors now realize that not owning their branded domain name jeopardizes their investment. We are seeing more brands buying their “Exact Match Domain” right after a big series round. This is raising the prices of premium domain names.

Technology: The global move to strictly online businesses has limited what domain names are even available. Most premium domain names will never be for sale. There is now a very small window to control your brand online.
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Buying a Domain Name?
Here is our PROVEN 5 step approach that has been used in over $100M in successful domain transactions.
  •  Decide on a Domain Name
  •  Establish the market value
  •  Determine the type of owner            (3 types)
  •  Negotiate
  •  Transfer the Domain Name
"Only ONE brand can control your KEYWORD domain name."
7 Dimension Domain Names Impact Your Brand
Is your brand at risk of being made irrelevant?
Controlling your branded domain online is a must today.
  • Global Positioning: Only one company can own the global positioning and messaging for you keyword brand. 
  • Industry Positioning: Your domain will be instantly judged against your competition for leadership, clarity and simplicity.
  • Branding: How do your employees and customers talk about your brand?  Your domain impacts the very DNA of your brand.
  •   Marketing: Are you sending traffic to another brand.
  •   SEO: Increase your SEO and rankings.
  •   Email Security: Eliminate your sensitive and confidential emails going to another company.
  •   Product Pivoting: Make sure your domain allows your business to pivot and grow as strategies change.
Global Positioning 
Who controls the message for your brand online?
"Only ONE company can control the GLOBAL position for your keyword"
When you do not own your keyword brand domain your brand is at risk of being made irrelevant.
For example, Kraken Rum launched in 2013 with over $10M in advertising the first year alone.  Kraken crypto exchange controls the domain name Kraken.com and launched 2 years later.  They now dominate the first three pages of Google search.

Who controls the brand Kraken?
Example #1: Teamwork.com

So, did it make a difference or was it a waste of money? 

Let’s have a look at the chart!

The Teamwork.com Story
They launched originally on  “Teamworkpm.net”.

In 2013 they purchased Teamwork.com or $675,000.

"You can clearly see the inflection point when we launched Teamwork.com. It was the best business move of my life.
Teamwork.com being a one word domain gave us instant credibility and we started getting bigger customers, more referrals, and being written about more. 

Everything accelerated and our vision for Teamwork.com changed because we now had a brand identify that we could build several products under." Peter Coppinger CEO/Founder

"It is not enough to have a cool brand, you need to own it online."  
Example 2: Dave.com 
In the case of Dave.com the owner felt that adding words to their brand created trust issues and inferior positioning of their brand.
…People are trusting us with their finances and TryDave just didn’t seem to give me the same confidence as Dave.com. The team loves it too. Everyone loves wearing a Dave.com hat, t-shirt, sticker, etc.
Additionally, when people ask where we work or when we answer our phones, we always say Dave.com. It’s easy to say and share. The trouble with some of the new companies using human-type names for their startups is they sound awkward unless you own the .com.
Purchase Price: It wasn't $50,000 but it also wasn't $1 million.
Example #3: Remote.com
What was the justification to purchase Remote.com?

“I can’t disclose the exact amount, but it was well into six figures. Justifying the cost is easy; this domain is a fixed-asset with lasting value, which will appreciate over time. Aside from the resale value, the name is going to put us in a position to build a very strong brand and a company that has the potential to change the world.
Industry Positioning 
Your BRAND is not viewed in a vacuum
Your DOMAIN & BRAND will be JUDGED against your competition.
"How does your BRAND and DOMAIN NAME position you against your competition"
Your domain name impacts the "Return" on every dollar invested in marketing.
"Is your domain name driving traffic to another brand?
When you domain is hard to remember or spell traffic will be lost.  A piece of every dollar you spend on advertising will go to whoever owns the "exact match" domain for your brand.  
This is because consumers crave simplicity.
Domain Name = Brand = Your Identity
You DOMAIN name impacts the very DNA of your company.
Your domain name and your brand should create an effortless path for your customers.  
The internet has forever changed how we view brands.  There is only one company that can control any KEYWORD in the (.com).
Ring.com sells to AMAZON for $1B Dollars
"One of his investors, Hamet Watt of Upfront Ventures, suggested he rename the company Ring because it signified both a doorbell tone and a ring of security around a customer’s home."

"Siminoff paid $1 million to buy ring.com ... “

"If you want to be a player in the market,” he said, “you have to look like one.”
"Siminoff said getting the domain name was critically important to the company's success, giving them an unforgettable brand and instant credibility that helped turned their product into a household name." 
Email Security
Capture Every Email in 5 Minutes
Your Emails are at RISK...
  •  Many sensitive emails are sent to the wrong domain name
  •  This is a VERY common issue when you call yourself one thing but your domain name is something different.
  •  It only takes 5 minutes to set up a catch all email address and to catch these types of emails.
  •  This can create a massive risk for your company.
If you are ExampleApp.com or ExampleLLC.com or Example.co your emails will be sent to Example.com 
Brand Expansion
Your BRAND and domain name should allow you to pivot and expand with growth. 
"Your BRAND and domain name should allow you to expand, pivot and add new product.  When you are too defined in your domain name your growth is limited without re-branding and starting over."
  • Expand: Into a new vertical or industry
  • Pivot: To turn and move in a different direction
  •  Add New Product: Expand your product offers (ex: beyond just payroll)
Example: Gusto Re-brands from ZenPayroll
ZenPayroll re-branded because payroll limited their ability to expand into benefits and HR services.
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