Domain Name Broker Insights, Strategies and Marketing

Welcome to my podcast page where I give daily updates on my journey in the domain name industry.  I go into depth on my recent domain name sales and negotiations.  This is a raw unfiltered view and window into what it takes to be a domain name broker.

As a domain boker offering domain name services I have over 90,000 contact points selling domain names.  This includes calling, emailing and phsyical mailings.  It is not about the size of the sale or company.  My ideal client is one that wants to dominate their industry by creating and owning their brand online.   I hope you enjoy my insights into the world of domain names.

Caution: This is not your typical podcast.

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Discover why domain names are strategic marketing assets.

Creating a brand or marketing campaign today starts with domain availability.  Branding and domain strategies are inseparable.

When a domain name is acquired correctly, it elevates a brand to a position of authority, supercharges any marketing campaign and increases conversion by being easy to remember while pre-selling the brand.

A poor domain name requires more marketing dollars that are wasted on communicating the domain versus the brand message. Worse, it can even drive traffic to a competitor or another brand.

A domain name is an asset with a return on investment that pays out for the life of the brand.

Each chapter is a short read and meant to stimulate conversation and thought for this foundational decision of acquiring the perfect domain name for your brand.