When it comes to buying a domain name, what are the best domains to buy?

You can be a startup, maybe your thinking of starting a business, or you already have a business and you are looking to rebrand or make changes to your domain.

Picking the best domain you can will help your customers find you and lead your company to the best success.

We see 5 types of buyers when it comes to buying domain names, and depending on this buyer will be the domain type they need. 

  • The hobbyist domain buyer
  • Small business/ small entrepreneur domain buyer
  • Buyable Scalable company domain buyer
  • National Regional Buyer
  • The High Revenue Entrepreneur Buyer

Based on these buyer types will come the “best domain to buy” for their specific needs.

What is a Premium Domain Name

The Hobbyist Buyer: The best domain to buy based on your needs.

The hobbyist domain buyer type


The hobbyist buyer, by far one of the most common types of domain buyers. Whether it’s a blog, portfolio, or an online platform for showcasing talents, hobbyists are increasingly seeking the perfect domain name that aligns with their interests. They type of domain extension they have, or the name really doesn’t bother them. Usually they will register a domain with Godaddy and this fits their needs.

The Passionate Pursuit:

Hobbyists are driven by passion. They have a deep love for a particular subject or activity and want to share their enthusiasm with a wider audience. Whether it’s photography, cooking, gaming, or any other interest, a domain name can become the virtual home for their passions. The right domain will represent their identity and instantly communicate what the website is all about.

Budget usually $10-$100

While passion is the driving force, budget plays a significant role for hobbyist buyers. Their willingness to spend on a domain typically ranges from $10 to $100. As they are usually not monetizing their websites, they look for affordable options that do not strain their pockets. Platforms like GoDaddy and Namecheap are popular choices, offering easy domain registration and budget-friendly pricing.

The Best domain to buy based on their needs.

The hobbyist is not worried about the type, length, or domain extension of the domain.

Usually, they will be happy with a $10 domain they can register today. Buying a domain for a this type of domain buyer is centered more on making a quick dream come true or creating a quick project.

If you are this type of domain buyer,  best domain to buy is anything that is two to three words that you can find on GoDaddy. Extensions like “.blog,” “.portfolio,” or “.me” can be excellent alternatives, providing a unique identity and catering to the specific purpose of the website.

 Small Business or Solo Entrepreneurship Buyer: the best domain to buy.

The small business domain buyer type

In the vast and competitive digital landscape, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs are constantly striving to stand out and make a lasting impression on their target audience. One crucial aspect of this endeavor is choosing the right domain name that reflects their brand and services.

We see these companies often starting with 2-3 word brand names like “GetApollo.com,” “JoinCarrot.net,” or “TeamSaltDesign.net,” the problem with these names is that they create confusion with whoever owns the raw version of the name.

The Art of picking a clear version of a domain.

As these businesses grow and evolve, they often realize the need for a more clear and concise domain name. Rebranding becomes a strategic move to optimize their online visibility and simplify their brand identity. For instance, transitioning from a domain like “TeamSaltDesign.net” to the more succinct “SaltDesign.com” enhances their brand’s professionalism and credibility.

This type of buyer usually does not start their domain journey with the thought of rebranding later on, but understands the need to have a simple clear domain.

Gaining Trust and Avoiding Confusion:

Many small businesses and solo entrepreneurs discover that owning the clear version of their brand domain, such as “SaltDesign.com,” instills trust in their clients and customers. A premium domain communicates stability and authenticity, setting them apart from competitors. It also avoids confusion that may arise from longer and complex domain names, ensuring a smoother user experience.

The Budget-Conscious Approach:

While these entrepreneurs recognize the value of a premium domain, they are mindful of their budget constraints.

Rebranding or acquiring the domain typically involves a budget ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, where they seek to strike a balance between investment and return on investment.

Investing in a more clear and memorable domain is considered a strategic investment that pays off in the long run.

The best domain to buy based on this buyer type.

The best type of domain to buy based on this domain buyer type is a simplification of what they have already branded. You essentially want the raw version of your brand with the .com extension.

Whoever owns the raw version of the brand, creates the simplicity your customers will be looking for.

Consider the different of TheSaltDesign.net vs Saltdesign.com, your customer will always pick and expect the simplified version of your name, whether you own it or not.

 Embracing the Power of a Premium Domain:

A premium domain is a game-changer for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Owning a clear and concise domain boosts their online visibility, increases brand recognition, and helps drive traffic to their website. The initial investment in rebranding pales in comparison to the long-term benefits of improved brand trust, customer loyalty, and enhanced market position.

Do I need a broker to buy a domain?

Buyable / Scalable Company Buyer: Recently raised money

Buyable / Scalable Company Buyer: Recently raised money

For buyable and scalable companies, their initial journey might have started with a domain name that was less than ideal. This type of buyer has recently got funding or raised money. Perhaps they settled for a domain that was hard to find or had significant competition, leading to potential confusion among customers and limiting their growth potential. However, these ambitious companies understand that to scale and stand out in the crowded marketplace, they must acquire the raw version of their brand domain.

The Need for Clear Branding:

With numerous competitors all branded around variations of a common word like “Carrot,” “GetCarrot.com,” “JoinCarrot.com,” and many more, it becomes essential for a buyable and scalable company to establish a clear and distinct brand identity. Owning the raw domain, such as “Carrot.com,” sets them apart from the clutter and helps them carve a unique space in their industry.

Avoiding Confusion and Enhancing Trust:

Customers are more likely to trust and remember a company that owns the premium domain related to its core brand. A clear and concise domain like “Carrot.com” not only avoids confusion but also instills confidence in customers that they are dealing with the authentic, leading player in the market.

The Investment for Growth:

Buyable and scalable companies are willing to invest significantly in acquiring their premium domain. The price range can vary from $25,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the domain’s value and market demand. This investment is seen as a strategic move that will pay off in the long run as the company experiences exponential growth with an easily recognizable and memorable domain.

Don’t be late to the game:

One thing that needs to be understood is to not come late to the game. As soon as a domain name is taken it is off the market “forever”. When a company acquires a premium domain and brands on it, you will never see that domain for sale again.

If the raw version of your name is for sale, its only a matter of time before somebody else buys it.

Leveraging Domain Brokers:

Navigating the domain acquisition process can be complex and time-consuming. That’s where domain brokers come in. These professionals specialize in helping companies secure premium domains by negotiating with domain owners and facilitating the purchase. Domain brokers have the expertise to assess the domain’s value, negotiate a fair price, and handle all legal aspects of the transaction, making the process smoother and more efficient for the company.

Does it matter where you buy a domain

National, Regional, Legacy Companies: Acquiring the Perfect Domain to Elevate Their Brand

National, Regional, Legacy Companies domain buyer type

National, regional, and legacy companies have already carved their place in the market and achieved significant success. With millions of dollars in funding, substantial profits, and a well-established brand, these companies are ready to take their online presence to the next level. Often faced with a confusing or lengthy domain name, these buyers understand the value of simplicity and a clear domain that aligns with their brand. Here’s why acquiring a one or two-word domain can be a game-changer for such companies:

Establishing Authority and Trust:

National, regional, or legacy companies are already recognized names in their respective industries. By owning a clear and concise one or two-word domain, such as “Carrot.com,” these companies reinforce their authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers, partners, and investors. A premium domain helps eliminate confusion and enhances the perception of a strong, reliable brand.

Lead Generation and Branding:

Having a memorable and straightforward domain name is crucial for lead generation and branding efforts. Potential customers are more likely to remember and trust a domain like “Carrot.com” rather than “InvestCarrot.com.” The shorter domain allows for easier recall, making it simpler for customers to access the website and engage with the brand.

Acquiring the Raw Version:

Securing a one or two-word domain can be a significant challenge, as many premium domains have already been taken. National, regional, or legacy companies may find that they need to acquire the raw version of their brand, which often comes with a higher price tag. The price they are usually willing to spend is However, the investment is usually worth it for the long-term benefits it brings to the brand’s online presence.

Buying a domain for a product. 

We commonly see these companies buying the raw version of their domain for a product they own or rebranding to a service they offer.

Simplification and Unification:

A shorter, more concise domain simplifies the brand’s online presence and unifies its various platforms and sub-brands under one easily identifiable name. This streamlining can improve overall brand recognition and user experience, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions.

How to buy a domain name from someone

The High Revenue Entrepreneur Domain Buyer:  

The high revenue entrepreneur domain buyer type

The last domain buyer type is the high revenue entrepreneur buyer.

We have seen that these high revenue entrepreneurs possess a keen understanding of the immense power a domain name holds in shaping their brand and online presence.

Driven by a desire to create a clear and lasting impact, they are willing to make substantial investments, ranging from $50,000 to the millions, to acquire the perfect domain.

Best domain’s to buy based on this buyer type

The best domains to buy based on this buyer type are simple, One, two, or three word domains.

For example:

  • VR.com
  • List.com
  • Investment.com
  • Quote.com
  • Contractor.com

All are premium one word domains that give your customer a clear message about your brand.

A Legacy of Success:

High revenue entrepreneurs have already left their mark on the business landscape with multiple successful ventures under their belt. Their journey to greatness has taught them valuable lessons, and one key lesson is the undeniable significance of a strong domain name. They recognize that a memorable domain becomes synonymous with their brand and is instrumental in building credibility and trust with customers.

The Power of Simplicity:

Simplicity is the hallmark of their domain selection strategy. These astute entrepreneurs understand that a 2-3 word domain, succinct and impactful, resonates with their audience and remains etched in their memory. A simple domain name transcends language barriers and is effortlessly shared by word of mouth, amplifying their reach.

An Investment in Excellence:

Having achieved high levels of success, these entrepreneurs are not deterred by the price tag associated with premium domains. They understand that a powerful domain name is a strategic investment with far-reaching implications. The potential to reinforce their brand, attract new customers, and boost their market standing justifies the substantial expenditure.

A Reflection of Greatness:

The domain name is not just a web address; it is a reflection of their greatness. High revenue entrepreneurs want a domain that encapsulates their business essence and communicates their core values. They seek a name that resonates with their target audience, conveying a clear message of quality and professionalism.

A Clear Path to Success:

For high revenue entrepreneurs, a simple and intuitive domain name is a navigational beacon for their customers. They know that creating a seamless user experience starts with a domain that is clear and easy to remember. By avoiding confusing domains, they ensure their customers have a smooth and pleasant journey from discovery to engagement.

Building Customer Trust:

Trust is the cornerstone of their success. These entrepreneurs understand that a straightforward domain name inspires confidence in their customers. A strong domain signifies legitimacy and authenticity, fostering trust and loyalty among their audience.

Best domain extensions to buy:

There are so many domain extensions to buy leaving many to question which is the best one for a domain name.

Some of the most popular or most common are the .com, the .net, the .org, .gov, .ai, .eu, .io, and so many others.

By far the best and most globally excepted and understood is the .com.

The .com domain will be the domain that your customer will default to and expect you to own.

Popularity with the .com does lead to it being the best domain extension to have.

All other extensions are “nice to have” such as the increased popularity in the .ai with artificial intelligence software’s becoming more popular.

At the end of the day, your customer will always gravitate towards the most common and the simplest version of your name.

This is why you should own .com and raw version of your brand.

New Domain Name Extensions 2023

How to acquire a domain name:

Acquiring a coveted premium domain can be a challenging task, especially when facing domain owners who understand the true value of their assets. This is where Media Options, the world’s leading domain brokering service, steps in to empower you as a buyer. Working with industry giants like Amazon, Devi, and other influential names, Media Options brings unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of securing the best domains in the world.

1. The Challenge of Premium Domain Acquisition:

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The negotiation process for premium domains requires finesse and insight. Media Options excels in this art, skillfully navigating the complexities of domain acquisitions to secure the domain you desire on terms that benefit both parties. Their expertise ensures a smooth and successful negotiation process, minimizing any potential roadblocks.

5. Strategic Insights and Future-Ready Domains:

As industry trendsetters, Media Options understands the significance of strategic domain acquisitions. We offer valuable insights into domain potential, ensuring your investment aligns perfectly with your business objectives and future growth plans. With Media Options as your partner, you’ll have access to domains with untapped value and enduring relevance.

6. Partner with the Best for Success:

When it comes to acquiring premium domains, Media Options is the unrivaled choice. Our unparalleled expertise, top-tier connections, and impressive portfolio of successful domain acquisitions make them the go-to partner for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take their online presence to new heights.

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