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In today’s episode I talk about understanding the value versus budgets.

 Why this $100,000 domain name offer was no beuno

POINT #1: What does your cleaning crew offer you?

  • Chris points out the fact that most companies don’t pay attention to the long-term value of a domain name.
  • Don’t let the initial price tag scare you; do research to understand the long-term value of a clean interface to get across to your customers and consumers. investor said that it was not worth the price and their current domain name was good enough.
  • Chris made the point that when a bigger company looks back at the price of a domain, it could be around the price they pay for a cleaning crew or janitor, and what over all value does a janitor give to that kind of company?
  • Looking at it like this, does it not make sense to add irreplaceable value to your company for the price of an office cleaner?

POINT #2: How much you have vs. How much you can afford?

  • The question here isn’t how much you have, it is how much you can make through this investment.
  • How much can this investment make you long and short term?
  • What is the difference between what the domain is worth to you and what you can spend?


Are you doing the research that is necessary to see how important a domain name investment is worth to your business now? In a year from now? In five years from now?


“That all that we have and that’s all that we can afford; that is two different conversations.”

                                                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker