.Com Strategies Podcast where you will learn key insights into valuing, marketing, brokering and selling your domain names.

In today’s episode I talk about why processes are an important part of the domain name selling process and exact match domain names.

POINT #1: Processes are important.

  • Without a process, you cannot replicate your success, you can only hope that it magically happens again. You cannot run a business like this
  • Processes are like math equations, they allow you to swap out some different variables and have the same success in different areas with different people and different clients.

POINT #2: A process is key for band scaling

  • A reliable process that generates success is key to scaling, be it your brand, yourself, or your presence online
  • This is why some companies pay 7 figures for a good domain, it gives them the ability to scale and grow their brand.

POINT #3: How this applies to domain names.

  • If you do not have the right domain name, it can severely dampen your chances of scaling, pivoting and growth.
  • You may get to the point where you have outgrown your domain. Trying to grow out your business and expand while keeping the domain is like a lizard trying to grow but not shed its skin. This is a sign of expansion, and for a business, that can only be a good thing!


Do you have a process for your business? Is it allowing you to expand and grow, or is it holding you back? Is your domain holding back your expansion or helping it?


“People like to share brands that have confidence.”

                                                                                    -Chris Zuiker