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In today’s episode I talk about what is a domain buy service.



POINT #1: What is Domain Buy Service?

  • Although this seams like a basic question to avid domain investors, this is the question that kicks off most domain acquisitions: “ How do I get that domain name?”
  • Domain investors already understand the concept of a domain buy service or domain acquisition, but the people who need to know are the startups and other brands who do not own their exact match domain name.
  • This needs to be a question you ask yourself every time you as an investor go after a domain name, or you as a startup out to acquire your perfect domain for the first time.

POINT #2: First Decision: Your domain name

  • The first thing you need to figure out is what domain you want and who has it. You have to do this because every different type of owner has a different approach to acquiring the domain.
  • When you do start trying to decide your domain, give yourself a few options; preferable your exact match domain and one or two other choices. If one option is not available, then you can try to go after the other ones and not be in the same position as before

Point #3: Domain Brokers and Domain Buy Service

  • If you don’t know how to deal with the different types of owners, don’t want them to raise the price on you because they see that you might have a lot of funding, or just plain and simply don’t want to be told no, then you want to get a professional domain broker to help you get your domain name.
  • This is what domain brokers do. Chris said that 40% of what Media Options does is domain buy services, or domain acquisition.



Do you know what domain you want? Do you know who owns it?


“ The concept of Pain and Pleasure is the essence of marketing and selling anything, especially a domain name.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker