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In today’s episode I talk about understanding the value versus budgets.


POINT #1: What are you hiding? What is your Domain Appearance like?

  • In this episode, Chris talks about a bad experience he had at a hotel. He walked into the lobby and the smell of air freshener was over powering. Also, the machine putting the freshener into the air was a massive black box on the wall that was super unattractive and off putting. This gave the appearance that the hotel was trying to hide some sort of mold problem.
  • Chris makes the point that a bad domain can do this to your website: your website may be clean and great, but a wrong domain name can cause customers to wonder if you trustworthy and a leader.
  • As a Domain owner, you need to make sure you are avoiding this by investing in the domain that fits your brand. Domains that are not .com’s like .tv or .insurance right now send off the message that you are not big or legitimate enough to own your true .com domain name. Having others makes you look like a pretender.

POINT #2: Pay for your Pre-eminence

  • Just as the hotel should have bought new carpets if that’s what the cause of their problem was, you as a Domain and brand owner should pay to show people that you are the best.
  • Your domain should not be a patch job or the air freshener for your brand, it is a symbol to show your dominance in the market, treat it like that!
  • If you want to be treated seriously in the online world, you have to have a domain name that captures the attention of your customers and respect from your competitors.


Does your Domain have the authentic look and feel of a good business, or does it need a lot of air freshener?


“Pay to have Pre-Eminence.”

                                                                                    -Chris Zuiker