Is the value of .com domains going down as new generic domain extensions (such as .club, etc.) appear?

The .com ending is actually increasing in value.

Let me explain why…

Your brand and domain name impacts every level of your company and culture.

It is how you speak of business, how you introduce yourself, and email.

Domain availability now drives the branding process.

Add to this supply and demand on a global scale and the competition for quality domains is increasing.

Some startups are tempted to go with a new extension like .club or .online.

This may work well in the beginning however valuable marketing dollars are need to remind customers not to go to the .com domain.

For example, Paul Graham at Y Combinator recommends that you acquire the .com for your brand. Don’t even mess around with another brand.

The .com domain extension dominates the leadership position because of how many companies and messages we hear with this extension.

Owning your brand online increases your ROI

In the end it comes down to increasing the ROI on marketing and branding.

If your marketing has a halo effect on the .com domain than valuable dollars are being wasted.

Your domain name should go unnoticed because of how it perfectly aligns with your brand.

Your domain name can create clarity or confusion.

Take the company Nitro for instance.

Hold on which Nitro company?

The one at or or maybe Are you confused yet?

Any company named Nitro that does not own will forever have to tell their customers don’t go to we are or

Having to communicate this takes valuable dollars away from your message.

It also changes how you talk about your company. We are Nitro but you can find us a

Either you pay for the domain (one time) or continue to pay every time you invest in marketing.

This ROI is why some domains are extremely valuable.

Here are 6 factors to consider that determine the value of your domain.

  1. The general market for domains
  2. How different types of businesses will invest differently
  3. Size of the market based on the domains connection and meaning
  4. How the domain will be utilized
  5. Where and how you sell your domain
  6. Using Google CPC as an indicator

You can read more about how to determine the value of your domain here.

If you have any questions on how to acquire the perfect domain for your brand please reach out.