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In today’s episode I talk about the reason why you need to get good at telling stories and how it impacts selling your domain name.

POINT #1: How will you change their state?

  • The way to get a message across is to change a person’s state and the way they see your message.
  • The best way to do that is through stories, since these get a message across as well as captivate an audience.
  • Chris makes the point that stories are so important, because in a way, your domain name is your story that you share to your customers. Is it engaging, but at the same time crisp and too the point? Does it make people say “Yes! Tell me more”? These are elements that a domain, like a good story, will have. This is how you use those elements to sell your brand to people.

POINT #2: You must get good at telling stories

  • Everything has a story. The master sellers are those who can harness them and tell them the best.
  • Like any story, you must know what to say to the right audience in order to win them over.
  • For domain names, the same is true. Every domain name has a story. If you want to sell yours, or improve its value, research and discover the story behind it. Find your audience, if it is a domain investor or a customer, and show them what story makes your domain special.

POINT #3: Stories for Domain Marketing.

  • Domain Marketers, listen up!
  • Use your stories to express to buyers why a domain name has the value you say it does.
  • Prove the worth of the domain through stories.
  • How will you improve on your story telling skills?
  • Stories are a must for selling your domain name.


What are you going to do today to practice the stories that relate to your domain name, it’s worth, and it’s ability to engage and excite people?


“Stories are truly invaluable in explaining the value of a domain name.”

                                                                                    -Chris Zuiker