.Com Strategies Podcast where you will learn key insights into valuing, marketing, brokering and selling your domain names.

In today’s episode I talk about why personal expansion is the secret to being a great domain name broker and selling premium domain names.

POINT #1: Don’t get too emotional attached.

  • Chris makes the point that some domain owners get too attached to a domain they don’t use. They don’t want to face change, even if they are just using it for email, and would rather hang on to the nostalgia of the domain instead of selling it.
  • This especially makes perfect match domain owners the losers as far as selling, because they place an exaggerated number as the value, for a once in a lifetime opportunity, no other company will ever need it, and they blew their chance.
  • Don’t get attached: If you have outgrown or no longer use a domain, research the real value and price it to sell. Trying to hang on to it will take away from your ability to pivot and get a better matching domain name.


POINT #2: You are not missing many sales.

  • By selling an old or no longer used domain, you are not missing out on sales, but rather growing and expanding your brand and your worth.
  • Selling can even help you get your next asset, maybe even your next domain name!
  • Its important to remember that domains are assets, and that when you no longer need it, there is no point in keeping it.


How are you looking at your domain name today? How are you looking at your old or no longer used domains if you have one? If you do, why do you still have it?


“If you pass up a chance to sell a perfect match domain to the unique buyer who is interested, chances are you will never see it again.”

                                                                                    -Chris Zuiker