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In today’s episode I talk about the secret hack to selling domain names.

POINT #1:   Tony Robbins

  • Chris mentions that right after he got out of his MBA, he came across Tony Robbins, the famous motivational and business speaker, and bought several of his products and talks. He was focusing on becoming elite at what he did, and Tony Robbins was shown to him by his cousins.
  • His cousins had seen crazy growth in their lives and businesses, so Chris decided to try it out for himself. Chris thought these were really helping him and went over and over the twenty something cd set.
  • There was one of Tony’s stories that really stuck with Chris: Tony was talking about first getting started in sales, and he had a passion to sell to these people because he truly believed in the product. He just couldn’t get enough of it, to the point where he was asking the other salesmen for any calls they couldn’t handle! He knew that was the path that was going to make him great.

POINT #2: Marketing: How does this tie in?

  • Marketers: do you have people in your team like this? If not, why? A big reason why you may not have these kind of people in your marketing team is because your message isn’t clear enough for them to get behind.
  • In order for people to go after sales like Tony Robbins, they need the frames to do that. You have to give yourself and your team the frames necessary to make the sale and to identify with the brand and the company. If you as a business leader are not clear on what you want for your company, how can you expect the marketers to be?
  • If you don’t believe in your message, you cannot market or communicate your message.

Point #3: How does this tie to domains?

  • Domain Sellers: while you have to believe in your domain in order to market it, you have to make sure your belief in its value is well founded. If you think your domain is worth way more then it actually is, then you cannot market properly because no one will buy it.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, pick up the phone, send out an e-mail. Share your message and your domain, and you can only do this if you really believe in it.



What is your message? Do you believe your own message?


“ The Frames are not about manipulation, it’s about communication.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker