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In today’s episode I talk about the power of experience and repetition in selling domain names.



POINT #1: Practice Practice Practice

  • Chris talks about a story from Garrett from Warrior about when Garrett would practice for the Ironman Triathlons. A big part of the marathon or Triathlon events is the practice that comes in order to prepare for it.
  • Garrett says that the memories that he remembers most from these events was not the actual race it self, not the brutality of the race or the setbacks that happen inside of it, but the times that he spent preparing for it.
  • When Chris makes a big sale, obviously that is a great memory, but the things he remembers most about them is all the work he put into the back end to, all of the contacts he e-mailed and all the people he called to make that sale happen.

POINT #2: What works? Get Better!

  • Chris talks about going through his daily routine and evaluating what works and what didn’t. Things that might have worked, but were not doing much to build his empire, he eliminated them.
  • The habits he had that were growing his business, he looked into how to make them better.
  • The ones that would help but he wasn’t doing right, that’s were he put his focus. He committed to practice, practice, practice! He just kept going after those skills until he was a master at them.

Point #3: Don’t get Rusty!!!

  • The whole point of practice is to perfect the habits that you have that enhance your success.
  • One video that really made an impact on Chris was a video with Grant Cardone and another guy doing business role play event. They other guy said that he could get rusty if he hadn’t practiced cold calling in four hours.
  • Remember that to keep sharpening your skills by always practicing. Find ways to incorporate skill practice into your daily life.



Are you practicing the skills you use in business every day?


“ Practice, Practice, practice… and did I mention Practice?”     -Chris Zuiker