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In today’s episode I talk about why personal expansion is the secret to being a great domain name broker and selling premium domain names.

POINT #1: Why should you expand?

  • Expanding is important, because when we are not expanding, we are shrinking and sedating.
  • If you are not expanding, who cannot stay relevant to the customers in your field.
  • Chris makes the point that if you are not constantly expanding and trying to grow your outreach, especial with domains and online, you become irrelevant and you shrink into the shadows.
  • What does personal expansion have to do with being a domain name broker?

POINT #2: Invest in yourself 

  • Part of expanding is learning, and part of that learning is going to be investing in yourself.
  • When you spend money on expansion, it is not a loss, but rather an investment: money spent now to bring more in the future.
  • This is so true in selling premium domain names, if you want to show people that you are worth their time and money, show them that you value yourself.  Show them you have invested in yourself and your brand with a domain name that really shows that.

POINT #3: In the end, the investment is worth the price

  • If you invest in yourself and you apply the knowledge that you that you get through your investment, like Chris investing money to go to Warrior Con, then you are investing in your most valuable asset, yourself.
  • When it comes to your business and brand, your domain is one of your most important assets. It’s the way people interact with you online.  This is worth a major investment, since it is the way that you show people that they should invest in you.
  • Being a domain name broker is not easy.  There is a ton of rejection when selling a premium domain name.  Only a tiny fraction of people actually understand the impact and valuation.


What are you doing today to expand yourself as a person? What are you doing to expand your brand? Your domain name?


“A domain name directly effects your ability to scale”

                                                                                    -Chris Zuiker