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In today’s episode I talk about the importance of having a story behind your domain name.


POINT #1:   Set Up The Story

  • Chris talks about a book he bought from Amazon called “ Building a Story Brand” with Donald Miller. In it he talks about an essential element to making a brand or in our case, selling a domain name.
  • This element is a story. All of the big brands that are successful out there have a story behind them. The successful ones use their story to their advantage.
  • Stories are important because they make a product, idea or brand seem more interesting and appeal to people at a deeper level. Stories are especially important for domain investors and sellers. Giving your domain a story shows your domain is more then just a place to put a website, it shows it to be the asset it truly is.

POINT #2: Giving your Domain a Vision

  • The best way to incorporate a story into selling your domain is to offer the potential buyer a vision of how they can expand their company online with the purchase. Give them examples of other companies that have bought there exact match domain and show them what it did for those companies.
  • At the same time, show them the vision of what could happen if they pass. Show them examples, if you have any, of companies that have passed and how it effected them negatively.
  • Your job as part of selling a domain is to paint the picture for the buyer, so they don’t have to make it themselves. Paint the picture you want them to see so that they feel convinced that that is the one they want and need.

Point #3: This is not Manipulation…

  • This tactic is not manipulation. This is just taking the guess work away from the potential buyer. All you are doing is making it easier for them to see what a domain could do for them and their business.


“Do you have a story behind your domain name ? What vision are you showing potential buyers?”


“ One of the domain communities greatest challenges is explain the importance of a domain in on to two sentences.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker