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In today’s episode I talk about why personal expansion is the secret to being a great domain name broker and domain name sales.


POINT #1: The Frame

  • A frame is the way you package an idea and how you deliver that idea to another person.
  • Anytime two people meet, their frames collide. One person talks the alpha position, and the other takes the beta place. This does not mean the alpha will always get the sale, but it allows the alpha to have the advantage of being the expert and the leader of the conversation.
  • This main idea comes from the book Pitch Anything, so if you haven’t gotten that book, go get it right now.
  • This is gold! Chris didn’t figure this out until a year ago, but he has made short work of applying it into his business life. For him, his frame is the 7 Dimensions of Domains.
  • The 7 dimensions of Domains gives Chris the frame in the sense that it quickly tells people that Chris is an expert and knows what he is talking about. It makes Chris the prize.

POINT #2: Frames for communication

  • Frames give you the ability to communicate your message as a leader.
  • As a leader in your field, you should have your frames down so you can communicate to people that you are the expert. Your frames are the aspects of your business that are different than others, and the ideas that make you the alpha in a collision, whether it be with a customer or a competitor.
  • Chris could talk to you for hours about domain names, because he is secure in his frames. He has created several different frames to show the different people interested in domains that he is the alpha

POINT #3: Frame Control

  • Your frame is what you make of it. If you put in the work, you will have a solid frame. If you do not pay attention to your frames and the way you come across to other people, you will have a weak frame.
  • Getting domain name sales is all about frame control: your frame is already there, it’s all about how you use it in a situation. It’s all about how you use your frame to control the other persons frame.
  • Different frames call for different types of control: the type of frame control you use for a customer is going to be different then the frame control you use for a competitor.

POINT #4: Frame Control And Domains

  • As with everything Chris talks about, this all comes back to domain name sales and marketing.
  • Just like frame control, you are going to use a different frame when trying to acquire a domain from a corporation then from a private owner.
  • As a Domain investor, you have to secure your frame as the alpha when negotiating for domains. If they don’t see you as the alpha, then they see themselves as the prize, which means it will be harder to get the domain at a good price.


What is your Frame? What is your customers’ Frame? What is your business Frame?


“ Your Frame is going to impact your domain equity.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker – Domain Name Broker