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In today’s episode I talk about why personal expansion is the secret to being a great domain name broker and selling premium domain names.



POINT #1: The best constantly grow and expand themselves.  

  • Those out to build an empire do not plateau, they constantly make commitments to grow themselves personally, as well as grow their business.
  • Chris talks about how this was the case for him and working out. He has been working out since he got out of college, and started a home gym about 10 years ago, He started off small, but has increasingly grown it out to match the expansion of his workout routine.
  • He makes the point that you cannot plateau or be good enough with were you are at if you are trying to expand.

POINT #2: Get your equipment to match your growth.

  • Upgrading your equipment, or getting new equipment all together is a great way to help yourself expand faster.
  • Giving yourself the equipment you need helps you to expand faster, especially if you are dedicated to learning how to use it and are ready to apply it to its area of use.
  • For domains, getting a domain that will grow with you is key, but also knowing when to expand your business by buying a new domain helps to grow your business, just like buying new equipment for the gym helped Chris to expand his workout routine.

Point #3: Expansion helps with Collision.

  • One of the new pieces of equipment Chris got for his gym was a punching bag. His reason: the physical actions of punching would help him to establish him mental actions of collision.
  • Chris makes the point that in order to be an influencer, you have to be able to collide, and you cannot collide if your frame is smaller then the other persons, so expansion is necessary.


What new equipment do you need in order to expand yourself today? Your business?



“ There is only a certain amount you can scale if you do not own your perfect match domain, it will take expansion and upgrading your domain name until you have it.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker