POINT # 1. You Got To Have The Right Gear

  • Chris talks about his 35-mile walk with his children (4 boys) and some other people. The walk was 24 miles the first day and 11 miles the second day.
  • Chris is used to working out every day. He walks from 3-4 miles a day so he thought that the least thing that can happen to a 24-mile walk is he will just get tired but, his body will be able to handle it.
  • Chris did not anticipate the situation and wore his leather shoes.
  • This relates to having the right foundation element to your business which is owning the right domain name.
  • Not having the right domain name creates massive confusion which is impacting your brand equity and the ability to create loyalty.
  • Chris talks about the increase he was able to solve for teamwork.com when they were still teamworkpm.net. They saw a hockey-stick-like increase because they have the right equipment.

POINT # 2. Do Whatever It Takes

  • Chris goes on to talk about his freeing thought that most of the time, we do not know where we are going.
  • Chris talks about his conversation with his wife with about this domain business. He recapped the walk, thought about it, and knew that the reason why he can lean into the pain is that he was in a lot of pain.
  • At one point, during the walk, a 72-year old man was beating him. He thought that if he has to crawl to the finish line, he will make it.
  • He needed to get across the finish line as he wanted to show his boys that there is a goal in front of them – they will do whatever it takes to make it happen, and he wanted them to remember that their father made it.
  • He was telling his wife that it is much easier to lean into the pain if you have the thought of going from A to B, and you have a clear result and a clear finish.

POINT # 3. The Concept

  • Chris mentioned that it is not easy to be in the domain investor business as you will have to recreate things, sometimes, every single day. It is not easy to decide and determine where you are going.
  • Chris said that this kind of dovetails to doing the Wim Hof method and that he is taking cold showers. His cabin is freezing cold because the water comes from the well and it is just painful. He said that it is amazing because when you lean into doing the work it does not become as painful.
  • He continues to talk about the family event. They camped out the first night and walked with the group. It was an amazing experience.


“Where in your life do you even know what you want, where you are going?”


“No matter what, I am going to do that and accomplish it!”