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In today’s episode I go further into emails and how your email and domain name can help or hurt your business and conversion.



POINT #1:   Is that a spam email?

  • Chris got an email from an SEO company, but the email was a private Gmail account that looked super fake. The company may have been legitimate, and the promises looked great, but Chris deleted the email because it appeared to be fake and maybe malicious.
  • This reminded Chris of his own outbound email strategies, and his whole experience in “email jail.”
  • This was just more proof how important it is for a legitimate company who deals with out bound emails, especial domain investors, to have a legitimate email based off your company domain because it puts you in a power position were you have authority.

POINT #2: How this relates to domain investors.

  • Chris says that lots of people coming to him for domains names have tried a similar strategy: they create a personal email account to try to privately acquire the domain name.
  • This strategy does not work well because most companies or private domain owners will write those fake emails off spam, and will delete it before they give a legitimate offer the time of day.
  • You have to be careful when going after the different kinds of domain owners when you are privately going after you’re exact match domain name.

Point #3: Why use a domain broker

  • One advantage to using a broker is the sense of security the seller get. If a company is going to sell a domain, they are going to want to make sure that they are not selling an asset to a competitor.
  • Personal owners feel more secure because they are going through a brokerage and are not having to transfer funds and the domain on their own. If they had too, they would think most offers are spam or a scam trying to rob them of their asset.


“Do you come across looking like spam when you are trying to buy or sell a domain”


“ The last thing domain owners what to do is deal with a risk or someone they cant trust.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker