How to lean into sell your domain name.

When I first started to sell your domain names I noticed a pattern.

We would reach out to the perfect company and the best possible contact within the company. To top it off we had the perfect domain name to upgrade their brand or scale their business.

There had to be interest after all right?

So what would happen?

They would immediately ask for the price.

“what is the price to sell the domain name?”

We would give the price and immediately they would give us this response:

“Not interested”


“No Thank You”

Or even worse.

“No thank you and don’t ever email me again”

How can you say this within five minutes of me giving you the price?

your domain name sold

Action Threshold in full force

Why did they not buy the domain name?

Several steps have to take place to buy a domain name. The world view of the prospect rarely aligns with your product. If it did they already would have bought your product. A successful sale entails breaking their world view and replace it with a new world view.

So, in this case showing that owning their domain name is the single best investment they can make for their long term growth and brand.

This is an entire different conversation on how to sell your domain name.

What I am talking about here is getting to the opportunity to have this discussion on selling your domain name.

Once you get past this conversation it opens the door to looking at the true cost of a domain name for a brand.

The quick check in…

In my experience most potential buyers are just bouncing the price off their price threshold.

If it meets their threshold they will place an offer and buy it.

Depending upon the company this can be $200,000 or $10.

But, the same psychological process is happening.

Make sure you understand the foundation for domain name value and pricing here.


Don’t get disturbed or depressed when you get these types of responses.

Most buyers are just checking in with their action threshold.

It is your job to bring the conversation past this routine conversation.

One thing you can do is price your domain name according to your ideal buyer.

Check out this video where I walk thru my view on the domain name market.

If you are looking for a quick sale, lean into this process by pricing your domain name within their action threshold.

This is why many of the domain marketplaces sell domain names within $3,000 to $7,000 USD.

It takes very little thought and pain to buy the domain name.

If you are brokering a higher priced domain name.

Find your story to get beyond this typical response that allows you to get to the very essence of how a domain name impacts their brand.

If you need help with how to sell your domain name reach out and check out my domain broker page.