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In today’s episode I talk about how to acquire a domain name that is already taken.


POINT #1: Advice for selling your Domain on your own.

  • Chris has multiple videos with advice for selling your own domain name, but he suggests going through a professional broker if you have a high value domain. He has turned down some people coming to him to sell their domain because it wasn’t high value enough for them to make a profit through him. So if you are just trying to sell a low value domain, check out his YouTube channel to gain insight into selling your domain name or names.
  • Put A Price Tag On It: If you are trying to sell your domain on your own, but a clear price tag on it, so others who are interested can see clearly what you want for it.
  • if you are looking to sell a domain name make sure to truly research and evaluate the value of your domain name: put too big a price tag and people won’t buy it.
  • Research different companies that would be interested in your domain, see how big they are, and use that info to evaluate your price and approach strategy.

POINT #2: Advice for acquiring a Domain that is already taken

  • One of the questions we receive quite a bit is – how do I buy a domain name that is already taken.
  • The first step to buying a domain name that is already taken is to see who owns it.  This sounds simple but will have a BIG impact into your success.
  • Every different domain owner requires a different strategy for approaching about buying the domain name. Trying to buy a domain from a corporation will be way different then buying a domain from someone who is using it as a personal email.
  • For high profile domain acquisitions, use a professional. If a corporation sees that you could be their competition in the future, or a private owner sees that you are a big company and they could ask a lot more for their domain, you could miss your golden opportunity to get your exact match domain.


How important is it for you to get your exact match domain? Can you get it by yourself, or do you need professional help?


“ You need to know what your domain or potential domain is worth, it is very important.”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker