.Com Strategies Podcast where you will learn key insights into valuing, marketing, brokering and selling your domain names.

In today’s episode I talk about the importance of realizing that you probably don’t have it all figured out, and why it is important to always push to do better.



POINT #1:  I don’t have it figured out

  • Even thought the title of today’s podcast is Figure it out, Chris acknowledges that even though he has been in the domain business for four years now, he still does not have it completely figured out.
  • He is continually looking for the best email series, the best way to market, the best way to reach out on new domains to new contacts and the best way to cold call.
  • Part of being an entrepreneur is you have to continually look for a better way to do things.


POINT #2: Strategic Seduction, Epiphany Bridge and World Views

  • Chris mentions that over the weekend, he listened to a business talk about Strategic Seduction, Epiphany Bridge and the Vehicles of sales.
  • While both Russel Brunson and Garrett White both have the same outlook, Chris prefers Garrett’s way of explaining it.
  • There are many world views, rules, values and stories that we tell ourselves that justify something. Brand owners may come in and say they don’t want a domain name because they are being “frugal”, but are spending millions in marketing, and that only causes the domain that they should be buying to go up in value.

Point #3: And now back to domains…

  • Chris’s advice to other people selling domains; don’t be another commodity!
  • If you become a commodity, you cannot change people’s mindsets.
  • Pre-frame is all about converting peoples mindset, and if you don’t pre-frame, you will have a much harder time expanding.


“Do you have it figured out? What are you doing to expand daily? ”


“ Do the work: Every. Single. Day .”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker