POINT#1. Why domain names are a great investment

  • Chris talks about someone who came over to his house recently and were trying to pitch him more life insurance or different models of life insurance.
  • Chris said that he is a huge believer in life insurance.
  • He had a brother in law who passed away in his early 50’s who left 12 children and life insurance was very important to them.
  • One of the gentlemen asked Chris where he would put his money and offer insurance writer.
  • He was offered insurance writer for $300 to $600 a month with a guaranteed income for 30 years.
  • He is wondering, if you have a couple of million-dollar life insurance and you will cash it out, where will you put it?


  • Chris mentioned about negative interest rates now hitting some banks and this means if you have a million dollar in the bank, it’s costing you more money to keep the money in the bank.
  • Chris asks if putting your money in real estate is an option.
  • He is thinking if the CDC can make a guideline in the US as there is more of an operational freedom.
  • Chris talks about the moratorium on evictions – you can’t evict someone who is not paying you.
  • He said that most of the big companies are not going back to work.
  • Microsoft are transitioning to working from home.
  • There are many other big trends – AI is taking over and bringing new technology that makes companies realize that they do not need so many people.
  • If you have not produced value, now is the time to step up your game.
  • Chris said that money chases value. When you provide value in the company, the bigger the chance that you will keep your job.


  • President Trump signed a bill for 6 trillion dollars and you may look that up on YouTube.
  • As one of the world’s top domain brokers, if you’re going to ask Chris, he would probably say that you put your money to domain names as they will continue to go up in value.
  • Chris says that bitcoin is a great asset and he’s thinking that it will be regulated because Central Bank doesn’t like competitions.
  • If you are one of these emerging countries, you would probably ask yourself: “what do I do?”, “how can I get away from the fiat currency?”, “how can I get away from just the absolute Draconian laws?”.
  • Bitcoin provides a relief because it can be spent globally as compared to gold.
  • He cited an example that you cannot just walk around with gold, so instead, you will just keep it in your house.
  • In line with domain value, Chris said that domain names are one of the best investments. And because it is a tremendous investment, you got to buy it right. There are long term values for having the right domain name.
  • Over the last 20 years it has been one of the best asset classes – it’s a digital real estate.
  • Domain name holds its value. The current cost is only 10 dollars and it is not being taxed.
  • Chris has stated the question: “if domain names will be taxed soon, how will the government do it?”. Then he said maybe it can be taxed thru renewal fees.  This is another example of why domain names are a great investment.


  • Chris emphasized that domain name is a great store of wealth and domain names are a great investment
  • He can attest to it having sold a lot of domain names.
  • Brands will sell in just a matter of time if it’s a great domain name.
  • When you look at some different portfolios, there are different strategies to it.
  • There’s premium, ultra-premium, two-letter domain, one word, three-letter domain names, made-up words, there’s just different qualities.
  • There are people who have built their portfolios on low end and they consistently sell.
  • One gentleman sells 5-6 domain names a week in the $2000-$5000 range. This guy has his formula and he built it up.
  • Chris said that you will not go to stocks and real estate blind because you will just get eaten up; hence, do not go to domain investing blind as it is a great investment.
  • Domain investment is not liquid – you will not have extreme liquidity unless you buy it right.
  • As the market is tightening up, you will realize the value of domain names.
  • Domain name is a great investment; it’s just is.
  • Chris says that there are some domains they consistently get million dollars offer on and they are waiting out for a bigger offer.
  • The Chinese market goes back and forth with investing but he sees a lot of people making money in domain investing.


“What else will you do? Where else are you going to go?”


“Do not go to anything blind”.