Top Domain Name Strategies Revealed

You finally got your brand launched, and sales are flowing in.

I think you will agree with me when I say that building a brand and company that is profitable is a huge success.

Your original domain and brand helped you achieve this success.  So, there is no need to upgrade or add additional domains as your business grows.

Well maybe not…

In some verticals, several of the top domains and brands are owned by the same company.

Acquisitions, back end software, and the dominance of digital marketing are several reasons why utilizing multiple domain names are becoming essential for maintaining share, sales, and clarity of message.

Regardless of the reason if you are only using one domain name your businesses could be at a serious disadvantage.

In todays post, I am going to explain the top domain name strategies utilized to dominate an industry, provide clarity and increase conversion and sales.

So, how many domain names should a company own?

Isn’t it better to run everything through your primary domain name that way you build upon your SEO?

We get these questions quite often in our business.

Advances in the internet have made it much easier to scale and develop a richer brand experience.

For some brands, the simplicity of one domain is perfect.

As companies expand their product offerings, they may need multiple domains to maintain this clarity.

Making someone go through 5 steps to reach the product page or brand reduces conversion.

Consumers attention span is actually shrinking which means you need to quickly communicate and connect your solution to your customer’s needs.

Planning out your marketing and domain strategy early on gives you the flexibility as you grow.

Domain name strategies

Here are the top six high-level domain name strategies.

  1. Single branded domain strategy
  2. Multiple branded domain strategy
  3. Microsites domains
  4. Marketing domains
  5. Single use Marketing Campaign (think Coke commercial)
  6. 301 Redirects

While these can be broken out in many different ways, for simplicity I am going to focus on these six.

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