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In today’s episode I talk about why your company brand name may not be unique but why this is the reason you need to acquire your domain name.



POINT #1: “I am the Only Me!”

  • I am the only me! This seems like a ridiculous statement, but in the online world, it is very intriguing. Chris talks about his brother-in-law who is trying to get his name domain name. However, some guy already bought his domain name.
  • The guy who owns it has already invested a lot of money into this domain name, and it is very unlikely that Chris’ brother-in-law is going to be able to get it.
  • Now he is left to try to make a domain name based off a variant of his name.

POINT #2: If you miss your opportunity, its gone for good.

  • Although it is not necessarily Chris’ brother-in-law’s fault that he got in the game to late to get his name domain name, this is a lesson that anyone can learn from.
  • If you are ever presented with your exact match domain name, realize that you lose your power if you have to call yourself anything other then who you are online.
  • Don’t let the chance to acquire your exact match domain slip away from you. If someone else gets it, you have missed out on getting to call yourself you who are as a brand.

Point #3: Do you own your name online?

  • If you don’t own your name and persona online, you need to step up and go acquire it.
  • The point is in the vast world of the internet, you are not unique, but your domain name is. Make the investment to own who you are on the internet.



Do you own your brand online? Are you as unique online as you are in person?


“ There is only one domain that is your name online, if you miss that chance to have it, chances are you will never get it again”     

                                                                                                                          -Chris Zuiker