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In today’s episode I talk about how your domain name can be different but not always better.



POINT #1:  Better is always different, but different is not always better…

  • Chris talks about a podcast he listened to from Garret White. In it Garret talked about the fact that getting something to be better always takes a different approach, but taking a different approach may not always be better.
  • Chris comments on how true this statement is, as he has had to confirm this multiple times with his different marketing strategies over the years.
  • In order to get better and to scale, it is going to involve doing something different then what we are doing today, because what you are doing right now has a cap to how far it will take you. Expanding requires constant change, but only some changes may be good.

POINT #2: Domain Owners…

  • Chris offers companies the ability to make a massive difference to themselves in a good way. The price of a domain can be argued all day long, but the idea that an domain is a valuable change should be a given, not an option on the table.
  • Many companies Chris has reached out to will do something different to their domain name. They may add a “my” or “try” to the beginning to get that .com name, but in the end, is that a good change?
  • That is not going to allow you to own your exact match domain name, its different for sure, but it is not better.

Point #3: Is YOUR different better?

  • Domain investors, are the quality of the domains you are getting now better? Is the process you are using to acquire them better? If not , what are you going to do about it?
  • You can take this podcast a lot of ways, whether you want to apply it to your business, your personal goals, your mental state, whatever you want to improve this can be applied to.


“As you expand your business, how are you going to make sure that different is better?”


“ Better is always going to be different, but different may not always be better..”

                                                                                     -Chris Zuiker