• Chris talks about finally getting a mini-splitter put into their cabin.
• They have the cabin for 15 years and one of the things they cannot have is a central heater because they do not have an attic.
• Chris said that for the last 15 years they have used the window units, oil heaters, propane heater, and wood stove heater.
• Chris mentioned that his wife is Cuban.
• He said that it gets pretty annoying when you wake up in the morning and you are freezing.
• He called around and the price range of the splitter varied. He jumped online and the actual unit was just $1200; however, the charge is $2000 to install it. He wants it done right so he agreed to having it done by a professional.
• The unit was one of the professional ones from Daikin and the site to check the features and benefit of the unit is daikincomfort.com.


• Chris goes on to talk about the installation. The people who will install the unit came and he showed them where he wants the unit to be installed.
• At one point, he was not micromanaging the installers so he was able to do some work in his office.
• 2 hours was up and the installers were able to have 80% work done.
• He then saw that instead of going straight, the wires were slanted to the opening on the wall and it looked like it was done by a kid.
• He started asking himself: “I paid for this?” as the result was not what he expected from “professionals”.
• He figured that the problem was not from the people who installed the unit. He was upset with himself because he did not have clarity of the game he was playing.
• Chris mentioned that he should’ve gone out there and have clarity to what he wants.
• What he would’ve done differently is to set expectations and he should’ve asked for the installers’ plan.
• Chris said that he was clear on what he wanted. He should’ve said things like: “do this”, and “show me what you’re doing before you do it”.


• Subsequently, he was clear on the follow up and he sent the pictures to the splitter company.
• He asked the company if they are happy with what they are seeing on the pictures and if it’s something they would be proud of that can make them say: “we did this job”.
• The same question was going back to him and he was like: “Am I giving the people who give their domain names the right customer service they deserve?”.
• He mentioned that it is difficult because he does not get paid unless he gets them to the finish line and he puts tremendous amount of effort to get that done.
• Chris has 3 different data bases: cold outreach, warm outreach, and he has people he just had outreached to in general.
• The leadership lessons are knowing what you want, be clear on the result that you want, and communicate the result that you want.
• This relates to domain names in a sense that most people out there are building and they do not own their domain – someone else had captured the leadership position and all the momentum that they have built.
• Those who has your domain name would talk about your company in a negative light. Examples are: “do not go to care.com” or “do not go to care.co.”


“Do you know what you want?”


“If you’re not ready, you got to push things off.”